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I hold a Film/Animation degree from Columbia College Chicago. Upon graduating in 2005, I've worked in the field of film and photo, focusing on hand-processed super8mm, 16mm stop-motion animation, optical printing and SFX.
I also worked (gradually more and more) in the field of freelance sculpture/design, assisting artists and companies in Chicago and New York. I specialized in sets, prop, window display and later restaurant design/builds. During this time I worked with my hands and the 3d application Google SketchUp.
I really enjoyed SketchUp and eventually started teaching myself Maya. I have experience in animation and SFX but have focused mainly on modeling and rendering for the last 3 years. 
I've had the pleasure of working with companies including, MTV, NBC, The Special Olympics, Half Acre, Budweiser, Tiffany and Co., Crate and Barrel and various Chicago restaurants including, Sushi Dokku, Simones, and the Boiler Room.
I currently live in Northern California and have a wonderful wife, Allana. We've been married 6 years with a beautiful daughter, Lula.
Thanks for visiting.
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